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Our approach has been utilized with various cultural groups and is often seen within the criminal legal system. We work to develop a space of healing when harm has been done in the workplace. We provide coaching, consulting, and training to address harm in a non-punitive manner.


Individual coaching. 60-90 minutes to address specific topics, problem-solving, and provide feedback. Group coaching 90-120 minutes for facilitation follow-up, problem-solving, specific topics, and feedback.


We work with organizations, businesses, faith-based groups, and coalitions to develop a restorative justice plan within the workplace. We review current policies and procedures to analyze potentially harmful practices. We work with the team to address biases and develop a plan for my inclusivity within the workplace.


We facilitate restorative justice training. All training is interactive. Host restorative and healing circles. In-person or virtual

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Organizations
  • Businesses
  • State Agencies
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Faith-based groups
  • Individuals or Groups
  • Develop plans to assist clients to be more effective and have a successful and restorative work environment. 
  • Individualized to challenge the client to be responsible for their leadership journey
  • Address harm that may have been caused in the workplace through assessment and planning.
  • Targeted work with small or large groups.

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